Community Christian Fellowship     
      1702 6th Ave  Moline, IL        
 Worship, song, Word and fellowship.
And weekly breaking of bread.

Adult Sunday School  @ 9:30        Main service at 10:30    

Our main ministry in the WORD. A look at Ephesians is next.

We just finished a look at Nehemiah.
Be Strong
Be Separate
Be Holy

Picnic in the Park 2017  For larger picture, click here...and find our George Washington.

Colorful and healthy meals on special occasions.


Outdoor AWANA event.

Coming events.... SEE the Bulletin  

See our AWANA page created by AWANA graduates.


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We believe, obey and worship Jesus Christ;
teaching His Word - Sharing His love.



Missionaries Ron Roberts family blog.

Roberts are back in the U.S.
Please pray for the adjustment.

Please pray for our missionaries Sammy and Kelsie. They minister to unreached people in West Africa.