All the CCF messages from the pulpit from the last few years are available on the archives page, but we have
started to categorize them so they are easier to sort.



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DATE of message SPEAKER Title / Links to mp3 file Length Content of message
Feb 6, 2011 Ron Hanavan King Asa  Good start, poor finish 28:40 Series in the Kings of Old Testament
Feb 13, 2011 Testimonies Sarah Moore Testimony
Wayne Stratton Testimony
Especially good for young girls to hear
Wayne shares Gods goodness thru trials
Feb 20, 2011 Ron Hanavan King Jehoshaphat Good king/bad friends 37:00 Series in the Kings of Old Testament
Feb 27, 2011 Ron Hanavan Faith in the face of crushing fear 26:20 Series in the Kings of Old Testament
March 6, 2011 Ron Hanavan Amaziah   King with a divided heart 32:00 Series in the Kings of Old Testament
March 13, 2011 Sammy Weber Missionary to Cameroon, Africa 37:50 First message his wife heard him deliver
March 20, 2011 Ron Hanavan Hezekiah  Holy and Free 28:00 Another good king. Obedient to THE King
March 27, 2011 Ron Hanavan Josiah  Consumed by zeal for the Lord 32:00 Good King from childhood through life
April 3, 2011 Steve Clark A call to Unity. Intro to book of 1 Cor 23:00 1st in major study of 1st Corinithians
April 10, 2011 Steve Clark The Cross of Christ 24:18 2nd  study in 1st Cor. On unity
April 17, 2011 Steve Clark The Wisdom of God 22:05 3rd study in 1st Cor. On unity
April 24, 2011 Steve Clark He is risen 24:32 Easter Message (clear Gospel)
May 1, 2011 Special AWANA Video  AWANA testimony 10:40 Followed by Video of AWANA
May 1, 2011 Steve Clark Growing in Christ 17.00 In depth 1 Corinthian book study continues
May 8, 2011 Steve Clark Who gets the credit? 22:40 Continued study in 1 Cor.
May 15, 2011 Steve Clark Building a strong foundation 24:00 Continued study in 1 Cor.
May 22, 2011 Dan and Margaret Cooper Dan and Margaret 20:35 How the Lord changed their lives
May 22, 2011 David Hult Testimony of the Lord in his life 17:48 David's life before and after Christ
May 29, 2011 Mother daughter Violin special Regier family on generation Sunday 3:00 Two violins make sweet music to the Lord
May 29, 2011 Terry Speak Servants or Kings 24:30 Study through 1st Cor. continues
June 5, 2011 Terry Speak Restoring an immature church 23:45 Study through 1st Cor. continues
June 12 2011 Terry Speak What would make a Roman blush 29:57 Study through 1st Cor. continues
June 19 2011 Terry Speak Unleavened and impure 21:34 Study through 1st Cor. continues
June 26 2011 Terry Speak Who is to judge / When is it proper? 23:18 Study in 1Cor  continues
July 3 2011 Terry Speak Principles of Holiness 23:09 Conclusion of 1Cor Chapter 6
July 10, 2011 Karl Knudsen Marriage and Singleness 33:06 1 Cor 7 Part 1
July 17, 2011 Karl Knudsen Christians   Slaves or FreeMen? 32:30 1 Cor 7 Part 2
July 24, 2011 Ron Hanavan Knowing Vs Being Known 27 1 Cor 8 part 1
July 31, 2011 Ron Hanavan True Liberty 27 Liberty Vs Love and restraint
August 7, 2011 Ron Hanavan Pauls Use of Liberty 32 Liberty in a mature believer
August 14, 2011 Vicki Crompton Tetter Personal Testimony 17 Powerful story of forgiving the man who murdered her daughter
August 14, 2011 Avery Regier Personal Testimony 20 Story of Salvation and  Picture of our Adoption
August 21, 2011 Ron Hanavan The Sacrifice and Discipline of love 31 1 Cor 9  Freedoms and Sacrifice
Sept 4, 2011 Ron Hanavan Freedoms "end"  The glory of God 27:40 Christians are to enjoy their Freedoms while serving HIM and others
Sept 11, 2011 Ron Hanavan Divine Authority (Head Coverings) 33:45 Men and womens use of hats and angels view of head covering. Was it cultural in the early Church or was it the "only" practice in all the churches? Continuing our walk through the entire book of 1 Corinthians.
Sept 18, 2011 Ron Hanavan Coming together for God   Message given at the outdoor service at the park from 1 Cor 11.
Sept 25, 2011 Karl Knudsen Speaking in tongues.
Sign and permanent gifts.
33:30 1 Cor 12.  Some of the spectacular gifts of the Spirit are explored.  What are they? Is what we hear in some churches today "real" or made up?
October 2, 2011 Steve Clark Behold the Greatness of God 25:00 A call to worship in a confused world.
October 9, 2011 Karl Knudsen Gift of tongues and their end 35:00 Did 3 major "sign" gifts end when the Scriptures were completed?
October 16, 2011 Karl Knudsen A more excellent way 35:15 1Cor 13. The LOVE chapter in context in the discussion on gifts.
October 23, 2011 Karl Knudsen Tongues / Origin...God or man 28:30 1 Cor 14. Part 1 of the orderly use of gifts and discerning counterfeits
Oct 30, 2011 Karl Knudsen Tongues, Prophecy, Unity 18:18 1 Cor 14 Part 2. Church order, authentic tongues
Nov 6, 2011 Karl Knudsen Preferred behavior in church 29 1 Cor 14 Part 3. Conclusion. All things decently and in order
Nov 13, 2011 Adrienne Anderson Testimony of Christ 13:50 Even kids raised in Christian homes need to be Born Again to be complete
Nov 13, 2011 Aaron Jones Testimony of becoming HIS 14:31 Young man who needed love found it in Christ and was made complete.
Nov 20 2011 Terry Speak The importance of Resurrection 25 Chapter 15 in 1Cor stresses the importance of the ressurection
Nov 27, 2011 Terry Speak Christ Risen/ Basis of our faith 27:11 Chapter 15 shows that without the resurrection our faith is worthless.
Dec 4, 2011 Terry Speak Mystery of the Resurrection 22:20 Conclusion of chapter 15 and the glory of Christ's resurrection
Dec 11, 2011 Steve Clark Paul teaching on giving to a selfish church 17:35 1st half of Chapter 16, our final chapter in 1Cor.
Dec 18, 2011 Steve Clark Standing firm in a loose world 12:20 Steve completes and summarizes the book of 1st Corinthinans
Dec 25  Ron Hanavan selected readings for Christmas    
Jan 1 2012 Ron / Paula Roberts Missionary family to Romania 31:30

Slides were shown and the blessings and struggles of a small church in a rural setting in Romania were explained by our friends and missionaries.

Jan 8 2012 Steve Clark Love One Another 25 First in a series of 4 messages..."one another" series.  Love is at the top.
Jan 15  2012 Steve Clark Forgive One Another 18:30 A very profound and moving message on forgiveness. 2nd in series.
Jan 22 2012 Steve Clark Honor one Another 26:10 Drawing on several Bible verses we are encouraged to honor all mankind.
Jan 29 2012 Leah Cox Report from Czech Republic 26:40 Missionary to Czech gives report, praise and prayer requests
Feb 5  2012 Steve Clark Understand One another 23 Steve Clark finishes series on the "one anothers" with a call to understanding
Feb 12  2012 Terry Speak The KINGDOM of God 25:25 Terry Speak opened a new series into the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes which we'll cover with 5 speakers over the months ahead.
Feb 19 2012 Ron Hanavan The Beatitudes Series 28:45 Reserved values of the kingdom.  Part 1
Feb 26 2012 Ron Hanavan The Beatitudes Series 28 Reserved values of the kingdom.  Part 2
March 4  2012 Ron Hanavan The Beatitudes Series 27 Reserved values of the kingdom.  Part 3
March 11 2012 Ron Hanavan The Beatitudes Series 25 Reserved values of the kingdom.  Part 4
March 18 2012 Terry Speak Salt and Light in Sermon on Mt 26 Exploring the concept and application of the Salt and Light
March 25 2012 Matt Ward Testimony of a life changed 19 Matt Shares how Christ entered and changed his life
March 25 2012 Denise Builta When Jesus came in to my life 14 Denise gave testimony to the power of God
April 1 2012 Karl Knudsen Under the Law or above it? 30 Karl Knudsen speaks on Matt 5 regarding the LAW and prophets
April 8 2012 Karl Knudsen Easter Sunday. Missing body 18 A 7 min. Video accompanied this message
April 15 2012 Ron Hanavan Adultery/ A severe heart condition 27 A warning of how seriously GOD takes sexual sin.
April 22 2012 Ron Hanavan Lust/ Divorce/Remarriage 32 Some complicated topics surveyed. Warnings... and some questions answered.
April 29 2012 Lewis Knudsen Speaking the Truth 22 Covers the section in Matt 5 about taking oaths and speaking clear truth.
May 6 2012 Lewis Knudsen Revenge is not Christian 34 Jesus spoke about our reaction to when we are wronged.
May 13 2012 Terry Speak Prayer for the Pretender 29 Continues Sermon on Mount study Chapter 6. Fake humility vs the real stuff.
May 20 2012 Terry Speak How the Godly pray 29 The Lords prayer...sample or example?
May 27 2012 Terry Speak Not so FAST 22:30 Jesus spoke of fasting and HOW it's to be done. Do we fast?  Why?
June 3 2012 Steve Clark Be on your Guard 22.20 We are prone to wander into greed, lust etc. How to avoid this?
June 10 2012 Steve Clark No need to Worry 27 Jesus gives assurance of HIS power no matter the challenge in life or death.
June 17 2012 Karl Knudsen Judging Rightly 25:45 Matt 7  Judge Not section explored and applied.
June 24 2012 Sammy Weber Elijah was a man like you 30:30 Missionary Sammy Weber from Cameroon challenges the saints to dream big and serve big.
July 1 2012 Karl Knudsen Ask, Seek Knock 24 Karl Knudsen reminds the Saints to seek hard, knock hard and ask much.
July 8 2012 Ron Hanavan The Righteous Life 28 Living a righteous life
July 15 2012 Lewis Knudsen Wolves and warnings 38 Lewis explores the wolves in sheeps clothing and proper discernment
July 22, 2012 Steve Clark Is Jesus YOUR Lord? 23:45 Steve probes our hearts using Gods word regarding our standing with Him.
July 29 2012 Carri Jones Testimony 19:18 How a great God uses ordinary people
July 29 2012 Tim McDonough Testimony 16:05 How a great God uses ordinary people
Aug 5 2012 Terry Speak Final Sermon on Mt message 23:14 Terry summarizes and punctuates the greatest sermon every preached
Aug 12 2012 Paul Kikule Challenge from Uganda 21 The need of the hour
Aug 19 2012 Steve Clark The Hand of God 26:31 Gods holding and protecting power. Part 1 of a series from Steve
Aug 26 2012 Steve Clark The hand of God  Part 2  25:23 God is a God of new beginnings
Sept 2 2012 Karl Knudsen The mind of God 25:50 The mind of God.  Knowing God's will.
Sept 16 2012 Steve Clark At the feet of God 28:52 Steves series about Gods hands, feet, eyes and mind concludes
Sept 23 2012 Ron Hanavan In the Spirit...7 churches of Rev 32:33 1st in a series on the 7 churches of Revelation
Sept 30 2012 Ron Hanavan Church of Ephesus Purified by love 25 2nd in Revelation series looking at the Ephesus church
Oct 7 2012 Ron Hanavan Part 2  Fallen without love 31 3rd in series on the effects of love on a church
Oct 14 2012 Ron Hanavan Smyrna  Tested by troubles 35 4th in Revelation series of the 7 churches
Oct 21 2012 Ron Hanavan False gods -Polluted minds 35 5th in a series of warnings and commendations to the churches
Oct 28 2012 Ron Hanavan Repentance, resistance and resolution 30 Applying the Revelation lessons to us today
Nov 4 2012 Ron Hanavan Sardis a WAKE up call 28 7th in series.  Gospel message intertwined in warnings
Nov 11 2012 Ron Hanavan Persevering power equal open doors 33 God opens doors and empowers his obedient ones to walk in.
Nov 18 2012 Ron Hanavan To Make a Difference or not Laodicea 31 Final study in series challenges believers to make a difference.
Nov 25 2012 Jared Moore Testimony of Salvation and Gods moving 16 Jarod's honest and moving testimony gives a glimpse into Gods faithful hand
Nov 25 2012 Lisa Smith God gave Lisa a wonderful family 11:30 Despite childhood struggles and a broken family, God restores hope.
Dec 2 2012 Karl Knudsen Mary and Elizabeth 28 Begin series of "couples" in the Christmas story...right from the WORD
Dec 9 2012 Steve Clark Simeon and Anna 21 Waiting for Jesus and the Temple scene 40 days after Jesus birth
Dec 16 2012 Ron Hanavan Zacharias and Elizabeth 30 Part of Christmas series on couples in the story.
Dec 23 2012 Terry Speak Everyday is Christmas 23 Finish series on "couples of Christmas" Joseph and Mary
Dec 30 2012 Terry Speak Meditations of a shepherd 23rd Psalm 30 Series on soothing Psalms to comfort the Saints
Jan 6 2013 Terry Speak Psalm 46 There is a river 25 Series on soothing Psalms to comfort the Saints
Jan 13 2013 Karl Knudsen Psalm 24  He owns everything 17 Loosen your grip on THINGS.  They're not yours.
Jan 27 2012 Leah Cox Brief Update on Czech Rep 3 The Lord is doing great work in Josiah Ministries
Jan 27 2013 Ron Hanavan PS 25  God is our provision 27 Series on soothing Psalms to comfort the Saints
Feb 3 2013 Ron Hanavan Ps 25 Part 2  God is with the humble 32 King David God reveals Himself to humble people
Feb 10 2013 Steve Clark Psalm 98  Joy is from God 27 Only 9 verses but  includes Make a joyful noise
Feb 17 2013 Steve Clark Psalm 1   God wants to bless you 33 Put yourself where God can bless you.
Feb 24 2013 AWANA Missionaries Bruce and Marti Brumfield 40 What is God doing in AWANA and hiding the Word in OUR hearts.
March 3 2013 Terry Speak Starts a Lenten series 20 Overview and special emphasis on The Last Supper
March 10 2013 Ron Hanavan The press of the garden 32 The pressure and burden of sin on the Saviors shoulders
March 17 2013 Karl Knudsen The trials of Jesus 17 Shows the 4 civil and criminal trials followed by a video clip
March 24 2013 Terry Speak Words BELOW the cross 27 What people said about Jesus while he was being crucified.
March 31 2013 Steve Clark Jesus is ALIVE 28 Explores the victory, the resurrection and promises
April 7 2013 Ron Hanavan The universal CALL of believer 38 After Christs victory, what power and obedience are we to walk in
April 14 2013 Robyn Messerly Robyn share her testimony 9 Testimony Sunday featured Robyns personal story of restoration in Christ
April 14 2013 Marcus Anderson Marcus shares his story 11 Marcus also shared his life changing conversion
April 21 2013 Ron and Paula Roberts Challenge from Isaiah 34 The Roberts updated us on Romanian ministry and Ron brought a challenge.
April 28 2013 Terry Speak Progress to joy 27 1st in series on First John. Joy is to be ours
May 5 2013 Terry Speak Dealing with sin 25 2nd in 1John series. How believers deal with sins when we commit them
May 12 2013 Ron Hanavan The GREAT defender 36 1John teaches us how to live life and who our Defender is
May 19 2013 Terry Speak The New Commandment 25 1John teaches us a NEW commandment.  LOVE
May 26 2013 Lewis Knudsen Do not love this world 15 Unique mix of scripture and poetry to convey section of 1st John
June 2 2013 Karl Knudsen Believers are anointed 24 1st John 2 Every believer is anointed. Not just a few.
June 9 2013 Karl Knudsen Lavish love. What's the catch? 24 1 John 3 on how God lavished His love on us.
June 16 2013 Ron Hanavan Love for the Saints 35 The sure mark of a life surrendered to Christ is love for people.
June 23 2013 Karl Knudsen Testing the Spirits 24 We are supposed to use discernment regarding spiritual things
June 30 2013 Ron Hanavan Love is stressed as the great standard 33 1st John 4. Nearness of God
July 7 2013 Ron Hanavan Gods love enables us to love 30 1John 4 Perfecting power of love
July 14 2013 Ron Hanavan Faith is the womb of love 30 1John 5  Again LOVE is lifted up as the power in our lives.
July 21 2013 Terry Speak Who are you calling a liar? 27 1st John 5.
July 28 2013 Ron Hanavan Knowing the true God 33 1st John 5
August 4 2013 Karl Knudsen Truth and Consequences 25 2nd John vs 1-12
August 11 2013 Terry Speak In defense of dogma 26 2 John vs 7-13
August 18 2013 Ron Hanavan Testimony of truth 31 3rd John 1-8
August 25 2013 Terry Speak Are you welcoming and loving? 28 3rd John 9-15
Sept 1 2013 Karl Knudsen Parables intro / Vineyard and workers 27 1st in new series going through the main parables in the New Testament
Sept 8 2013 Terry Speak Seeds and weeds (parable) 24 Parable of the seeds and weeds growing together.  What does it mean?
Sept 22 2013 Terry Speak Stories we tell, games we play 20 Parables continued
Sept 29 2013 Karl Knudsen Stewings of a steward 32 The good steward and why he was good.
Oct 6 2013 Terry Speak Good Samaritan 26 How this parable applies to us today.
Oct 13 2013 Mary Mcdonough Testimony Mary's own words 19 Mary shares her story
Oct 13 2013 Phil Rosales Testimony Phils story and walk with God 21 Our AWANA game leader shares his story
Oct 20 2013 Steve Clark The seed and the sower 27 Well known parable explored in depth.
Oct 27 2013 Sammy Weber Challenge to serve 35 Sammy and Kelsy sing a song they wrote at the conclusion
Nov 3 2013 Steve Clark Wedding feast parable 22 Who has the right robes to attend?  Do you?
Nov 10 2013 Ron Hanavan Who is Lord? 24 Matt 7 and Luke 4 common parable explored.
Nov 17 2013 Ron Hanavan Automatic Kingdom Growth 24 One of Jesus parables about Kingdom growth
Nov 24 2013 Ron Hanavan Depths of Forgiveness 27 Continues walk through Jesus parables
Dec 1 2013 Steve Clark The Lost Sheep 22 The familiar parable with a current application
Dec 8 2013 Leah Cox Report on her mission 9 Brief report with pictures on the Czech ministry
Dec 8 2013 Steve Clark Vital lesson on forgiveness 17 Jesus teaches on forgiveness through a Parable
Dec 15 2013 Karl Knudsen Who are you 27 Where does my "identity" come from
Dec 22 2013 Steve Clark Christmas Message 27 A fresh look at Christmas
Dec 29 2013 Ron Hanavan Life's greatest treasure 16 Jesus speaks through a parable on treasure
Jan 5 2014 Karl Knudsen Sheep and goats 17 Which are you?  A sheep/goat.  When is this judgment?
Jan 12 2014 Ron Hanavan Pattern of prayer 31 How are we to pray.  Jesus example and commands
Jan 19 2014 Steve Clark People  Heaven and Hell 27 Vital message on our eternal destiny
Jan 26 2014 Steve Clark Three Stewards and Silver 27 Another of Jesus Parables about using our gifts.
Feb 2 2014 Ron Hanavan Coming to God 32 Taking our place UNDER Gods authority
Feb 9 2014 Ron Hanavan Christ came to save sinners 25 We are all sinners.  Christ came to save us and others
Feb 16 2014 Karl Knudsen Abel and his faith 25 1st in Series on the Hall of Faith from Heb 11
Feb 23 2014 Terry Speak Enoch and his faith in God 23 Enoch had such faith he was TAKEN without death
March 2 2014 Karl Knudsen Noah and his faith 23 Noah obeyed God and found GRACE in the eyes of the Lord
March 9 2014 Terry Speak The faith of Sarah 21 Sarah laughed but had notable faith
March 16 2014 Steve Clark Walk by faith 25 1st of 2 on Joseph and how closely he followed God
March 23 2014 Steve Clark Loving and following God 27 Part 2 on the faith and obedience of Joseph
March 30 2014 Lewis Knudsen Isaac; a life of surrender 21 Isaac was a man of faith, obedience and peace
April 6 2014 Lewis Knudsen The life of Jacob...Faith 25 Fathers of our Faith series
April 13 2014 Ron Hanavan David 29 Man after Gods own heart
April 20 2014 Ron Hanavan David part 2 23 Power of an indestructible life
April 27 2014 Ron Hanavan David part 3 28 Man of God...flaws and all
May 4 2014 Ron Hanavan David part 4 32 Man (and sinner) after Gods own heart
May 18 2014 Terry Speak Rahab 24 Grandmother of the Church
May 25 2014 Ron Hanavan Abraham 30 Answering the call. Will you answer?
June 1 2014 Ron Hanavan Abraham 30 Believing the Promises
June 8 2014 Ron Hanavan Moses 31 Making hard choices
June 15 2014 Ron Hanavan Moses 24 Longing for God
June 22 2014 Brian Smith Testimony 14 How God works in our lives
June 22 2014 Kevin Builta Testimony 27 How God works in our lives
June 29 2014 Terry Speak Christ 24 The greatest hero of our faith
July 6 2014 Lewis Knudsen Living in the end times 26 How then should we live with the "end" in sight?
July 13 2014 Steve Clark Come and look 28 A view of some great hymns and scripture
July 20 2014 Steve Clark Christ our vision 29 Another view of hymns and their impact
July 27 2014 Terry Speak Intro to Colossians 25 1st in a series studying this letter from Paul
Aug 3 2014 Terry Speak Why pray 26 Paul exhorts the church to pray to God who knows us already
Aug 10 2014 Terry Speak The prayer of the church 29 This is what Paul instructed the saints to pray
Aug 17 2014 Steve Clark Christ is God 35 Christ is the very image of God.  He is God
Aug 24 2014 Steve Clark Growing in Christ 28 Continues our walk through Colossians
Aug 31 2014 Karl Knudsen Delight in Discipline 31 An ordered life is a joy to God and to self
Sept 7 2014 Karl Knudsen Alive in Christ 29 Christ IS our life
Sept 14 2014 Ron Hanavan Freedom FROM religion 31 Christ FREE's us from everything that would hinder us
Sept 21 2014 Ron Hanavan The full ORB of God's Glory 25 Colossians study continues from our outdoor service in Bettendorf
Sept 28 2014 Karl Knudsen How close to the edge? 30 Do we dabble with unrighteousness or steer clear of it
Oct 5 2014 Steve Clark Unity of the Body 23 Paul and Steve urge unity and LOVE in the church
Oct 12 2014 Karl Knudsen Submission, Love and the Word 28 Wives submit, men love...sorting it out without dilluting
Oct 19 2014 Ron Hanavan Slavery, submission and work 30 As unto the Lord....not for man
Oct 26 2014 Ron Hanavan Prayer...serious business 31 Paul exhorts the Saints to pray we?
Nov 2 2014 Ron Hanavan How should we live? 29 Last in series on Colossians study.
Nov 9 2014 Terry Speak One Hero, or many 30 A close look at the early church
Nov 16 2014 Terry Speak Summary of Colossians 32 Summary of all the messages on Colossians
Nov 23 2014 Ron Hanavan Thanking God in all things 12 Special Thanksgiving message from Ron (part of message lost)
Nov 30 2014 Karl Knudsen Overview of ANGELS study 33 First in a Christmas series on Angels. Who What Why
Dec 7 2014 Ron Hanavan Angels / Friends or Foe 30 A deeper look at the power of angels
Dec 14 2014 Terry Speak Gabriel / A great angel 27 What we learn about God and his plan from Gabriel
Dec 21 2014 Steve Clark That Glorious Night 16 The First Christmas/ Angels/ Savior / Glory
Dec 28 2014 Ron Hanavan What is God looking for 30 A look into what GOD says He's looking for
Jan 4 2014 Steve Clark The unknown KING 27 Reflections on Christ
Jan 11 2015 Ron Hanavan The fabric of friendship 34 The value of friendships forged in heaven
Jan 18 2015 Karl Knudsen David / Man of patience 25 Study of Davids life and lessons gleaned
Jan 25 2015 Karl Knudsen David / Man of mercy 27 Explores the mercy received by and given by David
Feb 1 2015 Ron Hanavan With no one but God 31 David and his very close relationship to God
Feb 8 2015 Karl Knudsen David / Troubled but delivered 34 Davids failure as a father had deadly results, but he was not rejected
Feb 15 2015 Karl Knudsen David Writer of Love songs 19 Psalms/Love songs to God. End with actual Hebrew singing Ps 148
Feb 22 2015 Ron Hanavan Approaching God 31 The life of David. His sins and Gods forgiveness
March 1 2015 Ron Hanavan Destruction caused by sexual sin 36 David paid a heavy price even while forgiven
March 8 2015 Steve Clark Psalm 51 Brokenness of David 26 David was broken before God and was greatly blessed.
March 15 2015 Ron Hanavan David's pride / result 34 Deceit and Destruction of Pride
March 22 2015 Ron Hanavan Humility and Fear of David 34 God rewards the truly humble
March 29 2015 Garret Albers Testimony 15 Garret shares the story of Christ in his life
March 29 2015 Lewis Knudsen Testimony 12 Lewis shares the story of Christ in his life
April 5 2015 Steve Clark Easter Message 2015 27 The Resurrection.  It matters most WHOSE you are, not WHO you are.
April 12, 2015 Karl Knudsen Total Depravity of man 34 There is not anything good in us by which God is pleased to save us
April 19, 2015 Missionaries Ron and Paula Roberts Report of mission work in Romania 11 Victories and struggles of Christian workers on a foreign field
April 19, 2015 Steve Clark Amazing GRACE 22 We are LOVED so much that God found a way to SAVE us.
April 26, 2015 Ron Hanavan Regeneration 27 How is it we are saved?  Gods work?  Our work?
May 3, 2015 Terry Speak Substitution 26 God needed a sinless, willing substitute to forgive us and preserve Justice
May 10, 2015 Ron Hanavan Heaven and sinful man 33 Heaven is Holy, man is NOT and God filled the void
May 17, 2015 Ron Hanavan Repentance changes everything 32 Repentance. Where it comes from.  What it does.
May 24 2015 Karl Knudsen Redemption (Memorial Day) 25 Redemption from sin. Followed by a video saluting fallen veterans
May 31, 2015 Steve Clark Reconciliation 18 God reconciled man to Himself.  This is a miracle.
June 7, 2015 Lewis Knudsen Justification 27 God suffered an unjust death to justify men who believe
June 14, 2015 Karl Knudsen Security of the believer 24 A true believer is sealed and headed for heaven
June 21, 2015 Steve Clark Sanctification 28 Jesus did all necessary to set believers apart for Himself
June 28, 2015 Ron Hanavan Predestination 36 Does man choose God?  Or God choose man?

Terry Speak preached on the book of Revelation for 10 Sundays. A work of love on his part and a great blessing to the Saints at CCF


July 5 , 2015 Terry Speak Overview of the Apocalypse 31

While Terry did not attempt to cover every page of revelation, this series goes a long way to explain the great symbolism found in Johns writing of Revelation.

Here we find grace still abounding even though great and terrible judgments are coming upon the earth dwellers as God's fury is finally released...not as a judgment on the saints...but on the unbelievers.

Listen to this entire series to be blessed.  It's the only book that promises a special blessing.

July 12 , 2015 Terry Speak Grace and Peace in Revelation 34
July 19 , 2015 Terry Speak A time for weeping 22
July 26 , 2015 Terry Speak Partners in the Apocalypse 29
August 2 , 2015 Terry Speak The King of Kings 29
August 9 , 2015 Terry Speak The church in "a" tribulation 34
August 16 , 2015 Terry Speak God's Throne part 1 26
August 23 , 2015 Terry Speak God's Throne part 2 28
August 30 , 2015 Terry Speak The Lamb and the scroll 22
Sept 6, 2015 Terry Speak The new song 22
Sept 13, 2015 Ron Hanavan Propitiation 33 Justice Satisfied/ Mercy Given
Sept 20, 2015 Steve Clark Glorification / Transformed for glory 20 Final item in list of important Doctrines of our faith
Sept 27, 2015 Steve Clark Gospel of Mark 24 Introduction to a series covering the entire book
Oct 4, 2015 Steve Clark Mark Ch. 1...Follow Me 26 Jesus command to Follow Me is for us too
Oct 11, 2015 Karl Knudsen Jesus our Healer 25 Concluding Mark chapter 1
Oct 18, 2015 Karl Knudsen Jesus our forgiver 23 Starting Mark chapter 2
Oct 25, 2015 Ron Hanavan Faith, Change and Freedom 32 Mark chapter 2 concludes
Nov 1, 2015 Ron Hanavan Related to Jesus 35 Study in Mark continues
Nov 8, 2015 Steve Clark The Seed and the Soil 24 Gospel of Mark...the seed and soil explained.
Nov 15, 2015 Steve Clark Shine Bright   Measure up 26 Marks gospel study continues
Nov 22, 2015 Sammy Weber Missionary Sammy Weber 38 Mission update and challenge to follow
Nov 29, 2015 Ron Hanavan Fear, Faith and Peace 31 Study in Mark continues. Storm on Sea of Galilee
Dec 6, 2015 Ron Hanavan Faith Interrupted 32 Marks Gospel. After the storm. Chapter 5
Dec 13, 2015 Ron Hanavan Significance of one soul 27 Study in Mark. Chapter 5. Man possessed by demons
Dec 20th 2015 Steve Clark Christmas Message 17 What a Gift
Dec 27, 2015 Karl Knudsen Jesus unwelcome at home town 27 Jesus offends, amazes and heals from Mark 6
Jan 3, 2016 Steve Clark Be Still and know I am God 23 Encouragement in the NEW YEAR from Gods word
Jan 10, 2016 Karl Knudsen Am I really committed to God? 25 Mark 6  Committed or Contributor
Jan 17, 2016 Ron Hanavan Jesus was more than miracles 28 Today you give them something to eat. Gospel of Mark continued
Jan 24, 2016 Ron Hanavan Jesus walks on the water.  Why? 28 In the Midst of the storm on the lake
Jan 31, 2016 Ron Hanavan A matter of the heart. Mark 6/7 27 Gospel of Mark...chapter by chapter
Feb 7, 2016 Steve Clark The heart of man 28 Mark 7  Hidden treasures
Feb 14, 2016 Terry Speak Gentiles/Dogs/Jews and Jesus 29 Marks gospel...chapter 7 Gifts and Ministries in the body
Feb 21, 2016 Steve Clark Open your ears 25 Listen to Gods voice
Feb 28, 2016 Terry Speak Followers 27 Mark 8.  Who were following Jesus
March 6, 2016 Karl Knudsen Who is Jesus 27 Who do you say that I am?  Peter
March 13, 2016 Ron  Hanavan Discipleship of Death 27 Jesus defeated death
March 20, 2016 Ron  Hanavan Authentication  of Jesus 29 Jesus is verified by witnesses
March 27, 2016 Steve Clark Easter Sunday 26 Words of Victory on Easter Sunday
April 3, 2016 Karl Knudsen Demonic Strongholds 33 Jesus authority over demonic realm
April 10, 2016 Karl Knudsen Pride and Servant hood 29 Disciples learn to be servants
April 17, 2016 Ron Hanavan Fire and Salt 26 Continues through gospel of Mark
April 24, 2016 Ron Hanavan Marriage/Divorce/Sexuality 30 From the confusion around LGBT to the garden.
May 1, 2016 Karl Knudsen Rich young ruler/ sad and unsaved 32 Gospel of Mark and flaws of false conversion/ forced prayer
May 8, 2016 Steve Clark Pathway to fellowship 26 Gospel of Mark continues
May 15, 2016 Ron Hanavan Jesus stopped and blessed 29 Jesus takes time to deal with ONE man
May 22, 2016 Ron Hanavan Who is King of glory 30 Humble Jesus was still a King...however veiled
May 29, 2016 Terry Speak Surely Temple 29 Jesus and the Temple.  Who is the temple?
June 5, 2016 Ron Hanavan Faith and Miracles 30 Miracles in Mark
June 12, 2016 Terry Speak The rejected builder stone 29 Jesus is the Cornerstone
June 19, 2016 Ron Hanavan Real life evangelism 30 Where the rubber meets the road. Reaching out
June 26, 2016 Karl Knudsen Family Life in Heaven 24 Will we be married in heaven
July 3, 2016 Terry Speak A good question 23 Continues in Mark chapter 12
July 10, 2016 Steve Clark Messiah our Lord 26 The leaders questions are stopped by His wisdom
July 17, 2016 Steve Clark Contrast of hearts 25 Concludes chapter 12 of Marks gospel
July 24, 2016 Karl Knudsen Signs of the End Times 31 What to look for.  Be on watch.
July 31, 2016 Karl Knudsen The Great Tribulation 34 The worst judgment of God on mankind ever.
August 7, 2016 Kevin Builta The return of Christ 22 He is coming again in victory.
August 14, 2016 Ron Hanavan The right focus 31 What to look for when Jesus says WATCH
August 21, 2016 Karl Knudsen Man with a jar 28 A call to simple obedience
August 28, 2016 Terry Speak Story of abandonment (Jesus alone) 21 Message at the picnic/park service on Marks gospel
Sept 4, 2016 Steve Clark The King on trial 27 Nearing the crucifixion of the Savior in Mark
Sept 11, 2016 Karl Knudsen Jesus-King of the Jews 27 Jesus declares His Kingship
Sept 18, 2016 Ron Hanavan Intervention of the cross 28 A glimpse at what Christ endured for us - From Mark
Sept 25, 2016 Ron Hanavan Seeing Christ / Missing salvation 29 Seeing and hearing yet not believing with real faith.
Oct 2, 2016 Steve Clark Jesus death and resurrection 27 The glory of the gospel from Mark
Oct 9, 2016 Ron Hanavan Conclusion of over a year in Mark 33 The final in the Mark series preaching through the book.
Oct 16, 2016 Ron Hanavan Freedom found in forgiveness 23 Using a clip from Les Miserables Ron covered the joy of freedom.
Oct 23, 2016 Steve Clark Love One Another 33 A long awaited series on the "One Anothers" in the Bible
Oct 30, 2016 Steve Clark Esteem One Another 29 A long awaited series on the "One Anothers" in the Bible
Nov 6, 2016 Steve Clark Encourage One Another 27 A long awaited series on the "One Anothers" in the Bible
Nov 13, 2016 Steve Clark Forgive one another 25 A long awaited series on the "One Anothers" in the Bible
Nov 20, 2016 Terry Speak Who we worship 31 Series on WORSHIP by Terry
Nov 27, 2016 Terry Speak Who we are when we worship 26 2nd in series on worship
Dec 4, 2106 Terry Speak What we do when we worship 24 3rd on series on worship
Dec 11, 2016 Karl Knudsen DUTY to God 34 Two part series on DUTY  To God is part 1
Dec 18, 2016 Karl Knudsen Duty to Man 26 Part 2  Duty to man
Jan 1, 2017 Mike Erdman Time to rebuild 24 Special message on Nehemiah. Stay strong, be prepared.
Jan 8, 2017 Ron Hanavan Abraham  His call 32 1st in a series.  Abrahams calling by God in #1
Jan 15, 2017 Ron Hanavan Abraham   His choice 31 Abraham chose to submit and follow God...totally
Jan 22, 2017 Ron Hanavan Abraham   His conquest 32 A victor in faith and in battle for his King
Jan 29, 2017 Ron Hanavan Abraham   His covenant 30 God made a covenant with Abraham...unbreakable.
Feb 5, 2017 Ron Hanavan Abraham   His quandary 28 Trusting God with circumstances, family and future.
Feb 12, 2017 Ron Hanavan Abraham   His conscience 30 Abraham prays for Lot and asks for Gods mercy
Feb 19 2017 Ron Hanavan Abraham  His circumcision 26 God makes a covenant with his servant
Feb 26, 2017 Ron Hanavan Abraham  His conniving 27 The great man of Faith was not always forthcoming
March 5, 2017 Ron Hanavan Abraham  His crucible 33 Final message in Abraham series
March 12, 2017 Karl Knudsen Isaac  Young man of faith 34 First in 2 part survey of Isaac's life  Son of Abraham
March 19, 2017 Karl Knudsen Isaac Part Two 32 Isaac repeats his fathers errors and still trusts God
March 26, 2017 Steve Clark Jacob the younger 33 1st in 3 part series on Jacob...son of Isaac
April 2, 2017 Steve Clark Jacob part 2  His Journey 31 Jacobs travels and his travails
April 9, 2017 Steve Clark Jacob secures the promise 26 Part 3.  Victory for Jacob finally
April 16, 2017 Steve Clark EASTER Sunday message 24 Victory is secure
April 23, 2017 Terry Speak Hey Joe, what do you know 27 Series on Joseph.
April 30, 2017 Terry Speak Providence in suffering 30 Lessons from Josephs life
May 7, 2017 Terry Speak Gods providence in exultation 22 God disciplines but also lifts up His people
May 14, 2017 Charissa Peterson Testimony Sunday 5:30 Recording failed on part of her time.  Sorry.
May 14, 2017 Tom Hicks Testimony Sunday 21 Tom shares the Lords impact on him.
May 21, 2017 Ron Hanavan The power of Promise 36 A look at Abraham over several weeks
May 28, 2017 Steve Clark Add to your faith 29 Starting in 2 Peter a list of virtues
June 4, 2017 Steve Clark Add more to your faith 23 Steve continues in 2 Peter going through book
June 11, 2017 Karl Knudsen Being a productive Christian 28 Karl walks through 2 Peter 2
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June 25, 2017 Ron Hanavan The prophetic word made more sure 21 Ron continues our walk through 2 Peter
July 2, 2017 Ron Hanavan Wolves among the Saints 35 Warning to watch and listen
July 9, 2017 Karl Knudsen Despising Authority 31 What false teachers and disobedient believers do
July 16, 2017 Karl Knudsen Railing against angels 26 Even well intentioned and poorly taught Christians do this